Welcome to the help site for the SECOORA Data Portal!

Data Portal Overview

The Data Portal is a data exploration tool with a customized public web interface that allows scientists, managers, and the general public to discover and access public data.

The Data Portal integrates datasets from many different sources. You can search or browse real-time conditions, operational and research forecasts, satellite observations, and other spatially referenced datasets that describe the regional biological, chemical, and physical characteristics.

Datasets in the Data Portal can be interactively mapped or charted using advanced features, such as the ability to create comparisons between data sources, bin data by time, and plot climatologies and anomalies.

Additionally, you can create and share custom compilations of sensor and model outputs to spotlight environmental events or geographic locations, access metadata and project contacts, and download datasets in a variety of formats.

The Data Portal is being actively developed by Axiom Data Science. For the notes about the latest portal version please visit: https://axiomdatascience.com/portal-updates/

Documentation Overview

You can navigate this documentation using the links in the black sidebar on your left. The pages are organized into 2 main categories:

  • Overview

  • How-to

The Overview pages offer in-depth background information and narrative descriptions of the main features of the Data Portal.

The How-to pages offer short, concrete descriptions of how to use the features of the Data Portal.


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These pages were last updated on May 24, 2023.