Contribute DataΒΆ

Data files can be added to the catalog automatically by project researchers using the Research Workspace. The general process for data submission is outlined below:

  1. Data are managed by a project researcher using his or her user account in the Research Workspace ( Such data files are accompanied by robust, descriptive metadata using the integrated ISO-compliant metadata editor (ISO-19115-2).


For assistance using the Research Workspace and its metadata editor visit:

  1. Once the data have been loaded and/or the embargo period ends, the researcher may then select the Make public option for their project in the Research Workspace.

  2. The entire contents of that folder and any subfolder therein will then be displayed in its native file format within the catalog of the portal, where public users can view and download the data and associated metadata.


Visualizing these data files within the data map requires processing by Axiom Data Science to be made available. Processing time varies as a function of data format and complexity.

For more information about contributing data via the Research Workspace, please see the Contributing Data page.